The Projects

Collaborating closely with artisans specialized in the use of exotic materials such as precious woods, stone and metals, Architect Giovanni Marani celebrates Murano glass virtuosity through technology and great aesthetic sense.

The collections selected by Marani include limited editions created by famous glass masters, such as Silvano Signoretto – whose work has been exhibited by the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation in Venice, the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art in Japan, the Vatican Museums in Rome and the Pushkin Museum in Moscow.

All of Marani’s designs are artistic expressions and are not limited like industrial production, they are had made and freely express their poetic vision. Marani’s introduces us to a few special pieces, with a catalog of important expressions in the field of Murano glass furniture design.

Marani’s originality involves the use of artistic glass to build load-bearing decorative table legs.

Marani also likes to design using wood for tables – celebrating the Venetian Gondola builders. The wood is obtained from old “Bricole” wood, the dolphins from the canals in the Venice Lagoon (a material that is uniquely Venetian).

You will find examples of exclusive personalized projects in the gallery below.